Got Smiles?- Help make the world smile! :)

I know that I have not posted on TCT in a while because…

I am launching my own company!


 Ever since October 2016 I have been working on this business called “Got Smiles?”. Got Smiles? is an online store that sells different products to help spread smiles. I am posting about this because I need your help. I have created a Kickstarter page for Got Smiles?. Basically, I have set a goal for $650 dollars and if that isn’t reached by February 13th I will not be able to launch Got Smiles?.

I have decided that for every backer I get I will donate 1 wristband to the local children’s hospital. We have rewards that start from $1 – $75. If you are not interested in helping us with money, another way to help is to reblog this post and share it on social media. Learn more about my Kickstarter HERE

Thanks for supporting The Creators Toolbox and now Got Smiles? 🙂

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